Spark of coldness on your face). taking 150 mg of viagra Take a knife and cut the lemon into halves (feel some of the juice that flows on your hand). Bring a half of the lemon to your mouth, gently squeeze it (feel the sour sensation so much so that you squeeze your eyes). Now count 1 to 3. On the third count, open your eyes and return to full sensory. Be fully engaged in your present surrounding. Posted by kelvin at 11:59 pm no comments: monday, april 30, 2007 myths about hypnosis the common myths about hypnosis: ~ hypnosis is sleep. ~ hypnosis is like stage hypnosis, whereby the person undergoing it has no control but to react. cheap viagra ~ hypnosis is not safe (tendency of giving bank account no. And confidential info away). ~ lose sensibilities or alertness of the surrounding. can viagra cause high blood pressure ~ the hypnotist controls the mind of the person undergoing hypnosis. Posted by kelvin at 9:46 pm no comments: what is hypnosis? cheap viagra overnight Hypnosis is a state whereby a person is relaxed and is somewhere in-between the conscious and unconscious. At this state, the person's mind is highly receptive to positive suggestions. All the sensibilities are heightened, thus resulting in an increased awareness of things happening around us. Hypnosis is a subconscious method and is very effective to resolve a wide range of issues because it relaxes the critical faculty (the layer that separates our conscious and unconscious) so that positive suggestions can seep into the subconscious mind to take effect. Though it is a subconscious method, and people in general tend to believe that the subconscious is greater than the conscious (at least in controlling our life), hypnosis is a conscious effort because it engages the hypnotist to do the relevant input of suggestions so that the suggestions can seep into the vast subconscious mind to effect the change. Posted by kelvin at 9:29 pm 2 comments: home subscribe to: posts (atom) * google search * enter your search terms submit search form digg tell-a-friend tell a friend to visit free tell-a-friend by bravenet. Com top blog sites more for bloggers! Blog interactive blogcatalogue blog catalog blog directory vistitors trackers blog archive ▼  2007 (5) ▼  november (1) are we new to hypnosis? viagra online ►  may (2) ►  april (2) google & more... Loading... cheapest place to buy viagra Google news loading... cheap viagra overnight delivery
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