Ed for orphan drug status with the fda, is widely prevalent in india and other parts of asia. Buerger's has a strong link with smoking, particularly bidis, hand-rolled raw tobacco usually wrapped in betel leaf that itself is known as a psychoactive ethnobotanical with a high rate atherosclerosis and oral cancer. viagra without a doctor prescription Over 40% of indians smoke bidis. The combination is far riskier than manufactured cigarettes: bidis have three times more nicotine and carbon monoxide and five times more tar, tend to extinguish quicker so puffing on a bidi is more frequent, raising the concentration of toxins in the body, and bidis come in flavors that attract younger smokers who enjoy the nicotine rush and stimulating effect of betel. No coincidence, the population profile of those afflicted with buerger's is young - under 40 years old. order viagra online Studies done several years ago showed that, contrary to medical belief existing in india, critical limb ischemia (cli) and peripheral artery disease (pad) are vastly evident in indian populations (count at the time was 20 million people stricken), and that there are strong links between buerger's disease, cli and pad. buy generic viagra online Delhi, the second largest city in india with a population of 12 million, has ignored government campaigns to stop smoking, and one-fourth in that city alone maintains the habit. Because india has a much younger population, with an average age of 23, versus 35 in the us and 40 in germany, buerger's presents a clear socio-economic burden on the family and society in general; thus, early diagnosis, prevention and management of the disease is critical. viagra headquarters office Pluristem, if successful in treating buerger's disease and cli, for which it is in clinical trials, could then address the full scope of vascular diseases affecting the limbs and become a sole medical source for pad in all its stages and manifestations. viagra generic best price About the analyst: sharon di stefano sharon di stefano has spent 20 years as a healthcare analyst, beginning her career at smith barney, harris upham & co. viagra online without prescription Specializing in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, healthcare information technology, and biopharmacology. Ms. viagra sales usa Di stefano had also served as senior venture officer for the edison innovation fund, implemented through the new jersey economic development authority that provided funding for early-stage life sciences companies. viagra young men forum Industry experience includes laboratory research for johns hopkins hospital and the department of defense. Content & media contact: newseditor@equitybriefing. viagra young men forum Com this announcement is distributed by thomson reuters on behalf of thomson reuters clients. The owner of this announcement warrants that:(i) the releases contained herein are protected by copyright and other applicable laws; and(ii) they. generic viagra
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